Corsica: the beach of Marinella between sea and sunsets

Marinella beach Corsica

Ajaccio is one of the most beautiful cities in Corsica. For its history, its culture, its monuments. And, of course, for its beaches, one of the reasons for which you have chosen this destination for your holidays. Do you need advices? Not far from the town, there is the beach of Marinella.


The beach

According to many, Marinella is just the perfect beach. Why? It’s very easy to say: white sand, clear sea, quiet, surrounded by nature. There is everything you need for a quiet and relaxing day. And you can see the city of Ajaccio from this beach.


A beach recommended for…

From this description, it is easy to see that the beach of Marinella is especially recommended for a relaxing day. Don’t forget to take mask and snorkel with you.

It is easy to reach and the water is shallow for several meters, for this reason it is ideal for a holiday with children. However, although the city of Ajaccio is close enough, there are few services: bring everything you could need.


How to get there

As already said, Marinella beach is near Ajaccio. To get there,  just take the D11 road towards Sanguinaires Islands. You can get there by car or by bus. And Sanguinaires Islands will give you (maybe) the most beautiful sunset in the whole Corsica.


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