Holiday in Corsica with the motorbike: 3 tips for you

Corsica in motorbike tips

A gem like the one in the photo will be the companion of your next vacation. Holidays that will take place on the island of beauty. To visit Corsica in motorbike, you will surely find useful these three tips.


1. How to arrive

The first thing to know is how to bring the bike to the island of beauty. The solution is very simple: just board on one of the ferries to Corsica. All you have to do, while you are booking the online trip, is ticking the item “I have a vehicle in tow” and specify size and model of your motorcycle.

In the day and time chosen for the departure, go to the boarding point and follow the instructions of the crew, which will show you where to park the motorbike, which will be fixed, so that you can spend a quiet trip.


2. Where to stay

As a destination for this holiday, we recommend Bastia, which is located on the northern coast of the island. This city is connected every day by several ferries departing from some of the main Italian ports. In Bastia there are many places to see, such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Plage de Arinella, pond of Bispire and Jardin Romieu: why not take advantage and visit one of the most beautiful cities of Corsica?


3. The Itineraries

There is also another reason why we recommended you to Bastia as a holiday destination. From here you can try the two best itineraries to do on the island of beauty:


The roads of Corsica are excellently kept and well signposted. Unique “inconvenience” (but certainly not in your case), are at winding strokes with so many curves and turns. But this particular, since you are centaurs, will make the holiday just more fun.


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