Corsica: welcome to the isle of… mussels!?

mussels Corsica

When you talk about the typical dishes of Corsica, you’d probably think of the lamb with olives, the boar meat in a casserole, grilled fish, brocciu. But the isle if beauty is famous also for the mussels. One of the many specialties that you can taste on the isle.



This is the place where you should eat mussels. Along the beach of Aleria there are a lot of restaurants where you can eat dishes with prepared with mussels.


Not just Aleria…

Probably Aleria’s mussels have a special taste, but it’s not the only place in Corsica where you can eat them. There are also Bonifacio, a city on the southern coast, and Cargèse, along the western coast, not really far from Ajaccio. Almost every restaurant of these two cities propose dishes with mussels.


…and not just mussels

Eating mussels is strongly suggested. But if you don’t like them, don’t worry. And you’d probably like to know what to eat in Corsica: there are 7 dishes that will give your holidays a special taste.


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