Nightlife & lot of fun: these are the 5 best nightclubs in Corsica

Corsica nightclubs


For you, holiday means nightlife and dance until dawn with the music of famous national and international DJs. Will Corsica be your next destination? Well, these are the 5 best nightclubs of the island of beauty.

  1. Le Blue Moon. It’s in Porticcio, a small and picturesque village near Ajaccio, the Corsican capital city (just thirty minutes by car). Official website:
  2. Le Midnight. Open from 11:30pm to 5pm. It’s in Propriano, easy to reach from Bonifacio, on the south coast of the island of beauty: just one hour by car. Official website:
  3. La Via Notte. Welcome to one of the most famous nightclubs in Corsica. Famous not only for the international DJs but even for the location: it’s near Porto Vecchio, renowned places for its beaches. Official website:
  4. Le Raffaello. In Bastia, on the north cost. Le Raffaello is open from Thursday to Saturday, from 11pm to 5 am. Official website:
  5. La Camargue. One of the must-see nightclubs if you want to live the Corsica nightlife. It’s in Calvi, on the northwestern coast of the island. Official website:


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