Patrimonio, Corsica: magic and talent during Nights of the guitar 2016

  • Published: 1-06-2016
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Nights of the guitar Corsica 2016


Eight days. Eight days during which the real protagonist is the acoustic, electric or amplified guitar. From rock to blues, from singer-songwriters music to jazz, famous or young musicians will perform on the stage of Nights of the guitar 2016 (“Nuits de la guitare” in French, from July 17th to 24th) in Patrimonio, Corsica.


The program:

  • July 17th (Sunday): Corsican Trio featuring B. Ribot (violin) and J-F Oricelli (guitar) | Thomas Dutronc
  • July 18th (Monday): Simo | L.E.J.
  • July 19th (Tuesday): Marianne Aya Omac Trio | Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy
  • July 20th (Wednesday): Yamandu Costa | Luis Salinas/Sylvain Luc featuring A. Ceccarelli (drums) and R. Vignolo (bass guitar)
  • July 21st (Thursday): The Bellrays | Skip The Use
  • July 22nd (Friday): Marian Badoï Trio | Angelo Debarre and Marius Apostol “Gipsy Unity”
  • July 23rd (Saturday): Stevie Nimmo Trio | Selah Sue
  • July 24th (Sunday): Rodney Branigan | Francis Cabrel


How to get there

Patrimonio is a small picturesque town along the north coast of the island of beauty. To get there from Bastia, the main tourist port of north Corsica:

  • Take D81 road to Frecciasca;
  • From Frecciasca, take D333 road and follow the road signs to Patrimonio.

The journey by car takes about 30 minutes.


Not only music:

  • The so-called “finger of Corsica” is Cap Corse, the Corsican peninsula, along the north coast of the island: motorcycle is the best way to discover it.
  • The things to see in Bastia are really several, such as Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Palais des Gouverneurs and Boulevard Paoli.
  • July is the best month to visit some of the most beautiful north Corsica beaches, such as Plage de Lozari and Plage de Bodri.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Nights of the guitar in Patrimonio, you can visit che official website of the event,


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