What to see during a holiday on the northern coast of Corsica: 7 unmissable things

Corsica north coast

Beaches, pristine places, and some of the cities to visit in Corsica. Locations rich in history and culture. All this is the north coast of Corsica. And, since you have chosen it as the destination for your next vacation, here are the things to see.


1. Calvi

It is located in the Balagne region, one of the wildest and most pristine on the island, characterized by rocky promontories and coves. The places to see in Calvi are the Marina, the Quay Landry route, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Citadel. And then, of course, there are the many coves nearby, such as those that can be found along the Revellata (the rocky coast west of the city).


2. Beaches

The beaches of northern Corsica are among the most beautiful on the island. In particular, these five: Algajola, Plage de Lozari, Plage de Bodri, Arinella and Plage de Loto. Pristine and almost wild places that will give you the feeling of being far, far away from modernity: for a total relaxation.


3. Ile-Rousse

Its name means “red island” and comes from the red colour of its rocks. Not far from Calvi, it is a city with a double soul:

  • A modern one, made of various kinds of shops and all kinds of services;
  • An ancient one, where to make a real journey back in time.

The places to visit in Ile-Rousse are the lighthouse of isola della Pietra, the Oceanographic museum, the beach of Ginepara and, in the surroundings, the hamlet of Monticello.


4. Desert

Perhaps one of the most unexpected landscapes, symbol of how many surprises Corsica reserves for all its visitors. In French désert des Agriates, in Corsican language l’Agriate, the desert of the Agriates is located in the heart of northern Corsica, between Ile-Rousse and Saint Florent. An area made of Mediterranean scrub, small hills and rocky outcrops, wild like few others.


5. Saint Florent

Since it is an ancient seaside town, the first thing to visit is certainly the old seaside district, evocative as few. Nearby, there are the Nebbio cathedral, the Loto beach and the Saleccia beach, and finally the Mortella tower, a recommended destination for a boat excursion.


6. Sentier des Douaniers

On the northernmost part of the so-called “finger of Corsica” (the peninsula which is located along the north coast of the island), the Sentier des Douaniers starts from Macinaggio and arrives at Port de Centuri. It is not particularly demanding and the hike can take two or three days. Days during which you will admire, strolling, unforgettable views of the sea.


7. Bastia

Even Bastia is an ancient seaside town. Things not to be missed in the city are Saint Nicolas square, Romieu garden, Citadel, Ethnographic museum. While in the surroundings there are the peninsula of Cap Corse, villages such as Pietranera and Erbalunga, and Mount Stello.


Once you have completed the itinerary with the things to see along the north coast of the island and booked the ferry trip to Corsica, your holiday can begin.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/danytolenga

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