Do you think that Corsica is only sea? 5 ideas for a different kind of holiday

Corsica not only sea


Here, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and hence the reason for which it’s a famous seaside tourism destination. But there is a detail that not everyone knows (and that makes this island even more fascinating): Corsica is not only sea. And these five ideas will allow you to spend a different kind of holiday.

Because Corsica is also…



If for you holiday is synonym of mountain trekking, Corsica is the destination you’re looking for. Indeed, to be precise, it has six different mountains that are simply ideal for hikers and to spend a journey surrounded by nature:

  • Monte Grosso;
  • Monte Cinto;
  • Monte d’Oro;
  • Paglia Orba;
  • Monte Renoso;
  • Monte Rotondo.



Corsica has an ancient history and the evidences of this fact are distributed throughout the territory of the island of beauty. Can you imagine a more fascinating thing than a castle on a hill or overlooking one of the most beautiful views of the Corsican coast?

If the idea has already bewitched you, the most beautiful castles of Corsica are three:

  • Algajola;
  • Corte;
  • Matra.



Yes: snow. Another thing that not everyone knows (since the island of beauty is always associated to the sea), you can ski in Corsica. There are three ski resorts:

  • Val d’Ese;
  • Monte Renoso;
  • Col de Vergio.

For a great ski holiday.



Small, on the mountains or overlooking the sea, a maze of alleys and small squares, the slow rhythms of country life, the pure air, the nature: it seems a dream, however it could become an idea for your next holiday in Corsica. Where the most enchanting villages are these seven:

  • Ghisoni;
  • Propriano;
  • Sartène;
  • Castagniccia;
  • Porto;
  • Piana;
  • Cargèse.



The last of these five ideas is the most peculiar. Such as these three places: on the one hand, there is the beautiful sea of Corsica; on the other, the priceless ecosystems, real and precious naturalistic jewels. These are the ponds of Corsica.


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