Vacation in Corsica out of season: the 5 destinations for your trip

Corsica off season

August is the month par excellence for the holidays. But out of season Corsica can really show you that it is an excellent choice for a trip. Because there will not be the mass of tourists that crowd it in the summer. And you will have the incomparable feeling that the island of beauty is there just for you. Especially in these five destinations.


1. Bonifacio

The city overlooking the white cliffs is so beautiful that it deserves at least two visits to be fully experienced. Bonifacio is perched on a cliff and built around a small bay that looks almost like a fjord. Among the views of an enchanting sea and the charm of the alleys of the fortified citadel, this place will not fail to bewitch you.


2. Ajaccio

The city is among the largest and most culturally rich of the island, a real treasure chest of art. Its surroundings are very varied and will allow you to go from dream beaches to ancient archaeological sites, without forgetting some invaluable nature reserves. All this is contained in Ajaccio and its surroundings. To enjoy a pleasant holiday (also) in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was born in Ajaccio on 15 August 1769.


3. Calvi

Imagine an ancient citadel built on a rocky promontory that seems to dive into the sea. Think of this charming town set in a scenario characterized by unspoiled nature. Put all this together and you will have Calvi: out of season, will allow you to live a holiday dedicated to total relaxation and, of course, with the possibility, if the weather allows, to swim in beautiful beaches.


4. Dito della Corsica

This is the name with which we refer to the peninsula that is located along the northern thing of the island. This place is simply ideal for a motorcycle holiday: winding roads, breathtaking views of the sea, hairpin turns that offer plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. You will have fun with your trusted two-wheeler.


5. Sport

Yes, for the last piece of advice, we do not suggest a destination but a series of things to do. Hiking, diving, snorkeling, skiing and mountain biking are the five main sports that can be practiced in Corsica. The advantage of practicing them out of season? You will not have to contend with others the best spots or the most exciting routes.


What’s missing, now, to enjoy your off-season vacation? It is easy to say: book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica.

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