Trip to Corsica: there are 5 regions for 5 different types of vacation

Corsica regions

It’s big, the island of beauty. You have chosen it as destination of your next vacation even for this. Now you would like to have some guidance to choose the places to visit. There is one thing you should know: Corsica is divided into five regions (or arrondissement, if you prefer).

And each of these five regions is suitable for a different kind of vacation.


1. Arrondissement of Sartena (south Corsica)

Bluntly, this region is recommended if, during your vacation, your desire is lying comfortably on some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Along the south coast there are towns such as Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, famous for their coasts.

Not only beaches: Bonifacio, in particular, is a city rich in history and charm, with its ancient citadel that overlooks Straits of Bonifacio.


2. Arrondissement of Ajaccio (west Corsica)

In a way, this could be considered the most “eclectic” region of Corsica, because it combines nature and culture:

  • Ajaccio, the capital city, is a place rich in history and places to visit, such as the famous Napoleon’s fome
  • there are several wonderful beaches, such as Marinella e Saint-François
  • for hikers, the villages of Cargèse, Porto and Piana are near


3. Arrondissement of Calvi (northwestern Corsica)

Here, the main attraction is only one: nature. You will find small beaches and unspoilt panoramas that surround small towns built, mostly, close to the sea. The arrondissement of Calvi is recommended to find places that seems far, far away from the daily routine.


4. Arrondissement of Bastia (northeastern Corsica)

It is the largest district of Corsica: it includes half of the northern coast and half of the east coast. Starting from Bastia, the ideal way to discover this part of the island is by motorcycle. That will take you:


5. Arrondissement of Corte (central Corsica)

This region is in the heart of Corsica. And it is recommended especially for mountain lovers: before go, make sure you get your hiking boots in the suitcase.


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