Do you want to know how Corsica sea beds are? Here you have 7 photos

Places to See

They are the first thing you think about when you have to decide where to go on vacation. Whether you like snorkeling or diving, before booking you want to know what you will find on the sea beds of the chosen destination. And this year you’d like to go to Corsica.

You can book the journey, your “underwater vacation” is safe: the sea beds of Corsica are really all you can wish for. Are you still you not convinced? So for you there are these seven photos. Images that, obviously, cannot describe all the thousand kilometers of coasts and beaches. But they will give you an idea of the place where you are going.

These are just some of the scenarios that you will see and the “friends” that you will meet under the water. The sea beds of Corsica are a continuous series of small faults, peaks and canyons surrounded by a warm and clear sea. And a sea like that could only be populated by a rich, varied and especially colorful underwater life.

In a sense, the sea beds of Corsica are the “underwater mirror” of island in surface: each area has its own, specific characteristics. So, for example, while the Strait of Bonifacio is characterized by white cliffs that plunge into the sea, the coastline along the northern coast is much lower and sandy.

In conclusion, the sea beds of Corsica are several and suitable for different types of diving. You just have to choose your destination and go. Have you brought everything you need for diving and/or snorkeling?



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