Corsica: the 5 main sports that can be practiced on the island of beauty

Corsica sport

What is for you the element to make a really perfect holiday? It is easy to say: the possibility of practicing sport. A possibility that Corsica, the island of beauty, will be happy to give you.


1. Hiking

The mountains of Corsica are simply perfect for those who are fond of hiking: they offer a wild nature, breathtaking views and routes of varying difficulty, so as to meet both experts and beginners. Three, in particular, are the best ideas that can be recommended: the “popular” GR20, the Path of Doganieri (for an excursion overlooking the sea) and the path Mare e monti.


2. Diving

As you surely know, the sea of ​​Corsica, on the surface, is wonderful. Well, you have to know that it is also so deep. How to check this? Simple: diving. Lavezzi Islands, Est du Phare and Scandola are some of the best. If you are a beginner, you will have no problems and find dive centers with qualified instructors.


3. Snorkeling

The “cousin” of diving is for all those who want to discover the underwater life and colors of Corsica without having to get wetsuit, cylinders and the rest of the necessary equipment. To snorkel, there are five beautiful beaches, some of which are, in full title, among the most beautiful in Corsica.


4. Skiing

From mid-autumn to mid-spring, you can even ski in Corsica. And it is possible to do it in the three ski areas of Val d’Ese, Monte Renoso and Col de Vergio. Here you will find everything you need for an unforgettable skiing holiday, for example ski lifts, slopes of varying difficulty, equipment hire and qualified ski instructors.


5. MTB

Never go on holiday without your trusted two-wheels, with which you want to test yourself on challenging trails and dirt roads. For a holiday in Corsica under the banner of MTB, the areas where you can find the most difficult routes are Sartène, Ponte Leccia and Ostriconi.


So here are the main sports and the best places to practice them. Have you put aside all the equipment you need? After having booked a place on one of the ferries to Corsica, your holiday with physical activity and the open air will really start.


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