Corsica: the name of the street food is tarte au brocciu

Corsica tarte au brocciu

How many are the things to see in Corsica? Several, as you can well imagine. Quite often during your vacation, you’ll walk along streets and paths. And, you know, walking makes you hungry. Now, you’d like a snack. In Corsica, the street food par excellence is the tarte au brocciu.

The picture offers “a first taste” of tarte au brocciu. It is a sort of small tart filled with soft cream made of brocciu, the most famous and renowned cheese of Corsica. The flavor is very intense and strong. It’s a snack in the island of beauty. And, it’s better to be prepared, it is quite substantial.

Tarte au brocciu, as already said, is a typical specialty of Corsica and you can find it, practically, in the bakeries of every cities and major towns. According to the opinions of who has tasted this yummy tart on the island of beauty, you can eat the best tarte au brocciu in Corte, a small town located in the heart of Corsica (to reach it from Ajaccio and Bastia, take the N193 road).

And don’t think that your “food and wine holidays” on the island of beauty are over: the things to eat in Corsica are many more and, we can assure you, it would be a shame if you don’t taste them.


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