Corsica in three days: an itinerary from Porto Vecchio to Ajaccio

three days in Corsica

You have three days to visit Corsica. And, during the days of the vacation, you want to see some of the most beautiful places that the island of beauty can offer. How to do? Just follow this itinerary along the southern and western coast of the island.


Day #1: Porto Vecchio

This is the first leg of your three-days journey in Corsica. Once you have arrived in Porto Vecchio port, the first thing that you will do is visit the small and elegant town, which still retains the atmosphere of the typical fishing village.

And once you have visited the town, it’s time to see the sea. The beaches of Porto Vecchio are among the most beautiful that Corsica can offer. They are numerous but time is short, so the advice is to visit these three: Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and Rondinara. Places that are simply heavenly.

In the evening, you will go back to Porto Vecchio, where you will find a small restaurant and taste the Corsican typical dishes. Finally, night stroll along the waterfront.


Day #2: Bonifacio

Take the N198 road towards south and, less than half an hour, you will be in Bonifacio, the main city on the southern coast of Corsica. The things to see in Bonifacio are so many and one day might not be enough: the places that you cannot miss are the citadel, the aquarium, Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure, Escalier du Roi d’Aragon, the so-called “Bosco” and, of course, the Strait of Bonifacio.

If, however, you prefer to spend a day comfortably lying on a beach, some of the most beautiful near Bonifacio are Plage de Sotta Rocca, Plage de la Catena, Plage de l’Arinella, calanco Tre Punti.

And, for the evening, there is the Marina: it is located on the south quay and, especially during summer, it is the liveliest area of the city.


Day #3: Ajaccio

The journey from Bonifacio to the capital city of Corsica takes about two hours by car along the N196 road. And once you will be there? You can follow this itinerary with the things to see in Ajaccio in one day: between the various attractions, the most important are the cathedral, Napoleon’s home and the citadel.

If you prefer to spend even the third day on a beach, here you can find the most beautiful beaches of Ajaccio. Finally, in Ajaccio you will take the ferry that will bring you back home.


This is our itinerary to visit Corsica in three days. And let we give you the last advice: it is better to embark a car or a motorcycle on the ferry.


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