Corsica to live: 5 different types of holidays to choose your ideal trip

Corsica to live

Corsica is an island to be experienced. Especially during a holiday. You will visit a large, very varied destination that offers history, nature, art, entertainment, sport and culture. All you have to do is choose your type of ideal vacation. Like these five.


With the dog

Your holiday must absolutely and rightly be in the company of your trusted four-legged friend. So, you have really chosen the right destination: Corsica is a dog-friendly island. Indeed, there are certainly dog-friendly hotels and dogs are accepted on most of the island’s beaches. What more could you want from this holiday?


With the children

What do you need to experience a holiday with children? It is soon said: sandy beaches, easily accessible and equipped with all services; big cities to visit; amusement parks and lots of activities to do with the little ones; the possibility of making several excursions. Here, for your next holiday with children, Corsica can give you all this.



We say Corsica and our mind immediately runs to the beaches and to relaxation (as we will see later, with a more beautiful detail). But not only that, because this island also provides many opportunities to enjoy a bit of fun: around the main cities do not miss the discos, on many beaches there are aperitifs and musicals, and the amusement parks and adventure parks are easy reachable.


Beaches & relax

Of course, Corsica is not just a postcard sea and immaculate sand. But why deprive yourself if this is your dream? The beaches of Corsica are simply beautiful and, whatever the area of ​​the island you have chosen, you will find them unforgettable. And these ten are considered the most beautiful ever.


On the road

Finally, if for you holiday is synonymous with seeing new places every day, then the itinerary that is right for you is the most beautiful places in Corsica: from north to south, the island of beauty will never cease to amaze you.


As you have seen, there are many ways to fully enjoy your next holiday in Corsica and you only have to choose your favorite one. Everyone, however, has one thing in common: the first thing to do, in fact, is to book the ferry trip that will take you to discover the island of beauty.

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