Where to buy typical products in Corsica: welcome to Sartène

typical products

There are the beaches, one of the main reasons that bring thousands of visitor every year. But you know that you can’t call it vacation if you don’t taste the typical products of the destination you’re going to visit. And the typical products of Corsica can be found in Sartène.

It’s a lively small town, built on a granite spur. Its historical center is kept untouched for centuries: the streets are so narrow that they look like they are fissures dug in the rocks, buildings made of rock or wood. A hamlet for all the mountain lovers.

And here, in the historical center, there are some small shops. You can recognize them because they are all made of wood. And because you’ll find all the typical products of Corsica: prosciutto and cured meats, goat cheeses and sheep cheeses. Essential elements of charcuterie, one of the (many) things you can eat in Corsica.

You’ll surely agree with us: seeing Sartène to taste the typical products of Corsica is a must. And Sartène is not so far from Bonifacio, one of the main tourist port of the isle: to reach it, you just have to take the N196 towards north (the trip lasts about one hour by car).


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/wwny

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