Typicalness of Corsica: 5 very characteristic things of the island of beauty

Corsica typical things

How to make a holiday special? Easy to say: discover the typicalness, the curiosities and the most picturesque aspects that a particular destination can offer. And your next holiday in Corsica will certainly not be an exception: here there are the five most typical things.

  • The Moor’s Head. The first is one of the most beloved symbols of the island. The Moor’s Head, the flag of Corsica, has an almost legendary origin: according to a theory, it was created after the victory of Alcoraz in 1096, a fundamental step in the Spanish Reconquista against the Moors; according to another theory, the flag would be a reference to Maurice, Egyptian Saint martyred when Diocletian was the Roman emperor.
  • The brocciu. It is the casgiu naziunale, the “national cheese”. The brocciu, whose flavor is similar to ricotta but much more intense, is used for the preparation of different culinary specialties, such as frittata incù u brocciu, pulenta incù u brocciu and cannelloni with brocciu. Not surprisingly, it is one of the things to eat during a holiday in Corsica.
  • The cows. Yes, exactly: cows. Because on some of the beaches of Corsica you could meet them, absolutely placid animals that are become a sort of real tourist attraction. But do not think that it is an “exclusive” of the less known places: cows can also be found on some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, such as Rondinara and Palombaggia.
  • The desert. What’s that got to do with a place that is renowned, above all, for its sea and its beaches? It has to do with it, because there is a place, north of the island, known as the desert of Corsica: we are talking about the Agriates, an expanse of small shrubs, Mediterranean scrub and rocky outcrops. A place that will give you unforgettable and unexpected views.
  • The wine. Nothing better than a good glass of wine to complete a meal (and even the holiday). The most typical of the island are four: Nielluccio, Sciaccarello, Vermentino and Malvasia. To taste, absolutely.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/stellapapini

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