Vacation to Corsica: 5 views that will leave you speechless

Corsica views

Photos matter, but relatively. Because memories are the most important things of a vacation. They are images of the places you have seen and discovered. Such as these 5 views. Some of the most beautiful that Corsica can offer you.


  1. The Strait of Bonifacio. On one side, there are the famous, white cliffs. On the other side, there is the intense blue sea, typical of the Corsican coast. And, above all, the clear sky. The picture is worth a thousand words. The Strait of Bonifacio is one of the most photographed places of the island.
  2. Sanguinaires Islands at sunset. When the sun goes down, these small islands, off the coast of Ajaccio, are colored with a striking crimson color. An intense and breathtaking view. And is one of the most romantic panorama that you will ever see.
  3. Calvi at night. The citadel is located on a promontory overlooking the sea. Ancient, fascinating, evocative. Especially at night, when it’s illuminated.
  4. Palombaggia. If we are talking about one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, there must be a reason. Take a look at the photo. Blue and turquoise are the colors of the sea, fine and white is the sand. How to describe this beach with one word? Paradisiacal.
  5. Scandola. Once again, the contrast of colors defines the uniqueness of this natural reserve: the first color is the blue of the sea, full of life; the second color is the bright green of the lush vegetation, habitat for numerous animal species. The nature of Corsica will surprise you.

You surely have noticed it. You can admire these views visiting some of the most beautiful places of Corsica.


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