Corsica: virtual tour to discover of Napoleon’s house in Ajaccio

napoleon’s house corsica

Corsica: the land that gave birth to Napoleon Bonaparte echoed nostalgically in the emperor’s thoughts during his exile on the island of Elba. The bond with its origins has always been firm, especially with Ajaccio, its hometown. A place to discover and rich of history, still alive, along its streets and squares.

In this post we will make some sort of virtual tour inside the house of Napoleon in Corsica.


The Napoleon’s house

The house of Napoleon, in Corsica, is located in the historic center of Ajaccio, in an ancient village, in the most lively neighborhood of the city. The place is picturesque: small streets, vintage palaces with yellow-ocher facades and gray-green shutters. The house of Napoleon, in particular, contains the insignia of the Bonaparte family and is located in Piazza Letizia. The building is one of Napoleon’s most visited places by tourists. Inside you will find decorations and furniture in parisian style of the time. The sophistication of the red-colored tapestries contrasts with the poor style of the imperial room, with white walls and dull furnishings. On the second floor you will find the family rooms, one in particular, hosting the Bonaparte family tree, along with autographs, portraits, weapons and relics.

The Musée National de la Maison Bonaparte also retains documents about story of Napoleon and his family, a portrait painted by Gérard, the bust carved by the grand Canova. This virtual tour to discover the origins of Napoleon in Ajaccio could symbolically end with a visit to his statue in Place Foch, whose base features a fountain of four marble lions.


Corsica in the autumn

Visiting Corsica in autumn is always a great idea of traveling. In October the climate is pleasant, perfect for hiking or relaxing walks. Add that is also quite convenient, in fact we are already in low season. Here are some useful tips about what you can do and see in this wonderful land.


How to get

Ajaccio is one of the main ports for ferries to Corsica. From Italy it’s easily to reach it, since it’s well connected with some of the most important ports. Rides are always frequent, even in the autumn.


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