Corsica west coast: places to see and things to do

Corsica west coastBeaches, cities, protected areas, ancient castles, prehistoric sites: this is Corsica west coast. A journey with a lot of places to see and things to do. And here you have an itinerary:

Girolata – Reachable only by sea. A place with steep cliffs, ragged pikes, lava flows. Girolata is recommended for snorkeling, diving, trekking.

Scandola – Near Girolata. Scandola is a very important protected area. One of the most beautiful sea in the whole world.

Porto – A little and welcoming seaside resort, recommended for people who want relax and beaches. Porto is renowned for its sunset, for the Genoese Tower with the little museum, for the aquarium.

Piana – The first thing to see in this place are the calanche: granite formations that changes color during daytime, from orange to red. Piana is a charming small town between the gulf and Monte Cinto.

Cargèse – It’s nickname may be “the town of two churches”, Latin and Greek. Both of them are to see.

Ajaccio – One of Corsican cities to visit. Its beaches are crowded from Spring to Autumn. The sunset incarnadines Sanguinaires Islands. The sports to do are diving, water skiing, fishing. And in its restaurants you have to taste the Corsica traditional dishes.

Sartenais, Valinco, Taravo – Here this Corsica west coast journey ends. In this region there are several prehistoric sites, and an ancient castle. The littoral coast of Roccapina, Tizzano and Porto Pollo is a succession of beaches and little sea coves. Other things to see are Campomoro Tower, Olmeto village, fortress of Foce.


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