Where to go on holiday in Corsica: lots of ideas for all tastes

Where to go on holiday in Corsica

Where to go on holiday in Corsica? Doubt more than legitimate, since the island of beauty is great, and things to do and see are certainly not lacking. You need only a few good ideas to help you choose.



We start with four tips. Four exactly like the coasts of Corsica: north, south, east and west. Each one different from the other, and suitable for a different type of holiday.

  • North coast. The ideal would be to visit it in five days, following an itinerary that starts from Calvi and passing through Ile-Rousse, the desert of the Agriates and Saint Florent reaches as far as Bastia. The north coast of Corsica is recommended for those who want to move a lot, see different places and sometimes unexpected, immerse themselves in nature and in the ancient charm of the cities that arise here.
  • South coast. Along the south coast of Corsica, it’s absolutely the sea to be the master. Two of the most popular destinations are Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, cities famous for their beaches (among the most beautiful in Corsica) and for the many things to see. If your intention is to enjoy a holiday with the whole family, the south coast of Corsica is the right one for you, both for the beaches and for the numerous services.
  • East Coast. Castagniccia, Aléria, Ania di Fiumorbu and Ghisoni are the main destinations on the east coast. A destination especially indicated if you are a lover of trekking and hiking. In fact, the true jewel of this part of the island is its nature. A nature made of waterfalls, pine forests, high mountains, ponds, caves.
  • West coast. Fourth advice on where to go on holiday in Corsica. Here stands Ajaccio, the island’s capital, a city that can also be visited in a single day. And, in a sense, the west coast of Corsica is recommended for the beauty of its population centers: in addition to Ajaccio there are Porto, Piana and Cargèse. Don’t miss Girolata, from which you can access only by sea, and Scandola, a marine and terrestrial nature reserve.


The most beautiful sea

Which can only be that of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. These are small paradises made only of immaculate sand, crystal clear water, tranquility, the bright green of the Mediterranean stain. A couple of names to make the idea? Definitely Palombaggia and Rondinara.

Many of the most beautiful beaches are located along the south coast, but also the northern coast reserves of true masterpieces of nature overlooking a fairytale sea.


For young people

Finally, it will be useful to know that Corsica is also an island for young people. There are the beaches around Bonifacio, the various discos of Ajaccio, the lively nightlife and events that take place in Ile-Rousse and Calvi, the adventure parks of Porto Vecchio, Solenzara, Moltifao, Bonifacio, Vizzanova. You just have to choose your favorite vacation.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/kjunstorm

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