Between snow and traditions: 5 ideas for your winter vacation to Corsica


You want to spend a vacation in winter. Without reaching the distant exotic destinations. And without giving up seeing unique sea and landscapes. Corsica is near, it takes little to get there.


1. Ski holiday

When you say winter, inevitably, the first things that come to mind are snow and skiing. And you are great enthusiasts of this sport. In winter, the best places where you can ski in Corsica are three:

  • Val d’Ese (South Corsica)
  • Renoso Mount (East Corsica)
  • Col de Vergio (near Ajaccio)

These three places are easy to reach. And you will find everything you need for a pleasant ski holiday: ski slopes, hotels, ski lifts, bars. If you don’t want to bring your skis with you, or you are still a beginner, in these three places you can rent the equipment and there are qualified instructors.


2. Along the south coast

In summer, its beauty is renowned. It changes but remains unmatched in winter. The south coast of Corsica offers breathtaking and almost surreal landscapes. Especially Bonifacio: its ancient citadel, the white cliffs of Strait of Bonifacio, the clear waters.

Not far from Bonifacio, there is Porto Vecchio. Famous for its coast primarily (some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica are here), the city is enchanting: the marina, the walks in the old town, the many restaurants overlooking the sea, the bay surrounded by low hills, the enveloping and relaxing atmosphere.


3. The most beautiful villages

Talking of enveloping and relaxing atmosphere: would you like to visit the small villages on the mountains, ancient places where time seems to have stopped? On the island of beauty, there are several places with these characteristics. In particular, the most beautiful villages of Corsica are seven: Ghisoni, Propriano, Sartène, Castagniccia, Porto, Piana, Cargèse.

Don’t worry about their position: it will not be difficult to reach them but it’s better to have snow chains in the car.


4. Wine and food vacation

Before every holiday, do you drawn up a sort of “food and wine list” with typical dishes to taste? Good habit. Because the things to eat in Corsica are several, as well as the local products.

The problem is: where?

  • For the typical products, the place that you should visit is Sartene
  • And to taste the traditional recipes, the recommended place is Castagniccia, a natural region located in the northeast part of Corsica.


5. Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the fifth idea for your winter vacation to Corsica. Ajaccio and Bonifacio, at Christmas, become great bonbonnières of lights, sweets and fragrances. For New Year’s Eve, we suggest a trip to Ile-Rousse, on the north coast, a popular destination for its several bars and clubs.


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