In Corsica with children: ideas and info for a holiday with the family

Corsica with children

The pleasure of taking a trip with the whole family. And the chosen destination is the island of beauty. But you do not know what are the most suitable destinations and locations for a holiday in Corsica with children. Don’t worry: below you can find six great ideas that will delight (even) the little ones.


Where to stay

The best solution, especially if it is your first time in Corsica, is to choose to stay in one of the three largest inhabited areas of the island, namely Ajaccio, Bastia and Bonifacio. Here you will find different solutions for lodging, such as holiday homes, hotels and B & Bs.

If instead you are the habitué of the island of the beauty, then you could opt for some of the smaller inhabited centers but not less suggestive, such as Calvi and Ile-Rousse, on the north coast.


The equipped beaches

Large, sandy, easily accessible, with all the facilities you could wish for: in other words, Corsica’s equipped beaches are simply perfect for those who are spending a holiday with children. Palombaggia, Santa Manza, Saint-François, Ile-Rousse and Algajola are considered, by far, the best.


What to do

The beaches will, of course, be an unavoidable part of the holiday but not the only one. Because there are so many things to do and places to see with children.

  • City. As already mentioned, there are three cities most suitable for children: the aforementioned Ajaccio and Bonifacio, and Bastia. These are very large destinations with different attractions and things to see.
  • Aquarium. An attraction that never fails to fascinate not only the children but also the older ones that accompany them. There are two main aquariums in Corsica: the first is in Bonifacio, the second in the city of Porto. Two occasions to admire all the underwater beauty of the sea from Corsica.
  • Activities. A holiday in Corsica with children could become the right occasion to let them take a lesson in windsurfing and surfing, followed by the many expert instructors that can be found in all the main cities. Other activities to do with children are boat trips, with different itineraries based on the location you have chosen as a destination for the trip.
  • Adventure parks. In practice, every region of Corsica has one inward. Places where you can try your hand at adventure trails among rocks, canyons, streams, forests. Routes that obviously are of different difficulty and designed specifically for children.
  • Cupulatta. And always on the subject of nature, the sixth idea for a holiday in Corsica with children is to visit the natural park A Cupulatta where, among other things, you can admire the turtles.


How to get

In Corsica, the public transport system is quite efficient but only within the larger cities, which therefore could preclude you from seeing some of the most beautiful places and beaches. A problem that is solved by booking the seats on one of the ferries to Corsica: on the ferries, in fact, you can take a car, a nice comfort when it comes to holidays with children.


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