Six ideas for a holiday with family in Corsica

Corsica with familyThe pleasure to have a holiday with family. The chosen destination is Corsica. But you don’t know which are the best part of the island for a journey with your children. Here you can find six good ideas.

Beaches – The beauty of Corsica beaches is renowned, and they are not less beautiful than Caribbean paradises or Indian Ocean islands. Corsica beaches are reachable by car (carried on a ferry). Probably the beaches of Ajaccio and Bonifacio are the most suitable for children.

Cities – The cities to visit in Corsica are several. Maybe the most suitable cities for children are three: Ajaccio, Bonifacio and Bastia. In these cities there are a lot of places to see and things to do.

Aquarium – It’s an attraction that both children and adults like. The most important Corsica aquariums are in Bonifacio and in Porto. They are two occasions to admire the submarine beauty of Corsican sea.

Things to do – During a holiday in Corsica children have several things to do. As an example, they can learn windsurfing and surfing followed by several experiences instructors. Other things to do with children are boat excursions.

Adventure parks – In every regions of Corsica there is an adventure park, with varying difficulty adventure trails between rocks, canyons, creeks, forests.

Cupulatta – The sixth idea for your holiday with family in Corsica is to visit A Cupulatta nature park where, among the other species, there are turtles and tortoises.


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