Holidays in Corsica: with or without a car?

Corsica with or without a car

As you surely know, a car can carried on the ferries to Corsica. However, for your next vacation on the island of beauty, you have a doubt: better with or without a car? To choose the most suitable solution to plan the trip, we can give you some useful tips.


Without a car

For this holiday, you would like to avoid taking the car: it’s a really understandable desire. But you have to keep in mind some information:

  • Only the main cities of Corsica, such as Bastia and Ajaccio, are easy to reach by train;
  • In the cities, you can move around by bus service, but the same can not be said for the city-to-city bus service.

In other words, you can also plan a holiday in Corsica without a car as long as your intention is to choose a city or a destination and visit only it. There would also be another solution: rent a car, but it is also a quite expensive idea.


With a car

According to many who have visited the island of beauty, the car is the best solution to move around in Corsica: the roads of the island of beauty, although in some parts may be quite tortuous, are well maintained and make all the main towns of the island easy to reach.

In this way, you will have the possibility to discover all the most beautiful places in Corsica, from the beaches to the cities passing through the protected natural areas to the less known places.

And not only in this case, because have a car is very recommend also:

  • If you are planning to spend a holiday with children;
  • If for you any holiday must necessarily (and rightly) be spent with your trusted four-legged friend, that you don’t have the slightest intention to leave at home.


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