The “tasty” Corsica: 5 cheeses that will enrich your holiday

Corsican cheeses


A tourist destination is not only to see and discover, but also to taste. And this is exactly the case of the famous Corsican cheeses: unique and traditional flavours that will make your holiday even more special.

  1. Brocciu. The inhabitants of Corsica call it casgiu naziunale, “national cheese”. The flavor of the brocciu is similar to ricotta but much more intense. There are two types of this cheese, the first made with sheep milk, the second with goat milk. Brocciu is one of the culinary specialties to eat during a holiday in Corsica.
  2. Niulincu. It is produced exclusively in Niolo (hence the name), a historical region in the department of Haute-Corse. Made with sheep or goat milk, its rind is soft and it matures for three to four months. It has very strong smell and flavour.
  3. Bastilicacciu. It is produced in Bastelica, located in the department of Southern Corsica. Unlike niulincu (with washed rind), the bastilicacciu is a soft cheese with a natural rind.
  4. Sartinesu. Produced in Sartène. The sartinesu is a long-life cheese, with dried rind. During aging, which lasts from two to seven months, the cheese inside the rind becomes much more fragrant.
  5. Calinzanincu. It’s a soft cheese produced in Calenzana and in Balagna. Such as the niulincu, it has a very strong flavour.

Where to find these exquisite cheeses? In the same town where you can also buy other typical products of Corsica. We are talking about Sartène: it is a small and lively town. To reach it, it just takes one hour by car from Bonifacio.


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