Autumn flavor in Corsica: the 2017 edition of the Evisa chestnut festival

  • Published: 8-11-2017
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Corsican Chestnut Festival 2017

Autumn in Corsica is a season to live. A season of colors, scents, atmospheres and flavors, as characteristic as unforgettable. And, in terms of flavor, there is one that could be considered as the most characteristic of autumn: chestnut. That will be the protagonist of the Evisa Chestnut 2017 Festival, scheduled for November 26th.


The festival

In Evisa you can find a very unique variety of chestnut, with unique flavor. As unique is the flavor of some of the culinary specialties that are made with chestnuts, such as chestnut and the inevitable roast chestnuts. In short: Evisa’s Chestnut Feast will be a time to taste delicacies and discover the traditions of the place.


How to get

To get to Evisa, you have two options: leave from Ajaccio or leave from Calvi (two of the main ports where ferries to Corsica dock).

  • From Ajaccio. Take the D81 north and then the D70, following the signs for Evisa. The car journey takes about an hour and a half.
  • From Calvi. Take the D81 south and then the D84 following the signs for Evisa. The car journey takes about two hours.


The west coast

As you could see, Evisa is in the western part of the island of beauty. So why not organizing this autumn holiday so you can discover the west coast of Corsica? In particular, the itinerary we recommend is divided into seven stages, ideally one per day:

  1. Girolata;
  2. Scandola;
  3. Port;
  4. Piana;
  5. Cargèse;
  6. Ajaccio;
  7. Sartenais, Valinco, Taravo.

Of course, you have to add Evisa.


More information

For more information on the 2017 edition of the Chestnut Festival at Evisa (full program, how to participate, any date changes), you can consult the official site of the event,


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