The most beautiful cities to visit during a holiday in Corsica

Corsica cities to visit

His nickname is “Île de Beauté”, rather “beauty island”. And right from this nickname you can get an idea of the destination of your next trip. A big and varied island, with many things to see. So there is many cities to visit in Corsica.

These 7 cities, considered the most beautiful of the whole island, are to be visited at least once in your life.


1. Ajaccio

Ajaccio, capital city of Corsica, is a city rich in story, arts and culture. One things to see are the pastel colored houses and if you’re travelling in the summer time, you can’t see its beautiful beaches. Ajaccio, Napoleon’s birthplace, today offers numerous homages to the French emperor. In one day, you can see its most typical places.


2. Bonifacio

Bonifacio, know as the city of white cliffs, is built on a fjord-like cove, overlooking the sea, and overlooks the Straits of Bonifacio, to visit with a boat excursion. Among the other (and many) places to see in Bonifacio it is possible to mention, as an example, the Marina and the Citadel.


3. Porto Vecchio

Do you know the dream beaches that have made Corsica famous in Europe and in the way? Well, many of these are located right in the area of Porto Vecchio (a town that is located a short distance from Bonifacio): here you can find Bay of Stagnolu, Bay de San Ciprianu, Palombaggia, Pinarellu, Canella.


4. Bastia

Bastia has all the charm of a port city. It is divided into two parts, Old Earth and Terra Nova. The Eglise Saint Jean Baptiste is one of the most beautiful and important churches in France. While in Place Saint Nicolas there is a famous statue of Napoleon Bonaparte. All places to discover with this itinerary.


5. Calvi

Calvi is located on on the northwestern tip of Corsica. Very Old town, Calvi is recommended especially for those who want a relaxing holiday, comfortably lying on the beach, as in a postcard. There isn’t only beaches, but a lot more things to see.


6. Ile-Rousse

Near Calvi, there is Ile-Rousse, small town, which has many suggestive walks to do in the streets of the city centre and in the Promenade de la Marinella. We cannot but mention the beaches, among the most beautiful there are Plage de Caruchetu and Plage de Bodri.


7. Sartène

It’s a picturesque town that is located a short distance from Bonifacio, located in the low mountains of this part of Corsica. A destination for a pleasant excursion and for nature lovers. The town of Sartène is also worth visiting for another reason: Here you can find the typical products of Corsica.


These are the (many) cities to visit in Corsica. You can choose the destination based on the holiday you would like to live. Or arrange a tour, so you can see them all.


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