5 museums that you should visit during your vacation to Corsica

Corsican museum

Among beaches, mountains and deserts, the nature of Corsica doesn’t need an introduction. But you want something extra. You want to give your vacation a touch of culture that will make it really special. In this case, the 5 most important museums of Corsica will allow you to discover how the history of the island of beauty is ancient and fascinating.


1. Aleria archeological museum

In the beautiful and imposing Fort of Matra, the Archaeological museum of Aleria is one of the most important and visited of Corsica. This real casket contains several treasures that narrate the ancient history of the island, which was a Greek, Carthaginian and Roman colony.


2. Fesch Museum

The great masters of painting have placed here some of their greatest works: the Fesch Museum, which is located in Ajaccio, brings Bellini, Botticelli, Perugino, Titian, Veronese together in one place; the Fesch Museum houses the second largest collection of Italian paintings in France (the first is in the Louvre).


3. History museum of Bastia

The History museum of Bastia is in avenue Pierre Giudicelli. Museum that was created to preserve the three pillars on which the story of Bastia is based: the urban planning, the political importance, its intellectual and artistic wealth.


4. Napoleon’s home

The Musée National de la Maison Bonaparte is located in the center of Ajaccio. And it was created to protect the birthplace of the First French Emperor: in this museum there are relics, memories and everyday objects belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.


5. Filitosa

Although it is not strictly a museum, the archaeological site of Filitosa is an unmissable stage of any vacation to Corsica dedicated to culture. Discovered in 1946 by Charles-Antoine Cesari, it is composed of numerous menhirs, the oldest of which date back to the Neolithic, 8 thousand years ago.


Image source: “Palazzo governatori Bastia” di Urelianu – Opera propria. Con licenza Pubblico dominio tramite Wikimedia Commons

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