Corsican peninsula: 4 reasons to visit “the finger of Corsica”

Corsican peninsula

In general, this name indicates the north coast of the island. And the reason of its nickname, “the finger of Corsica”, it’s easy to understand: it has the shape of a finger pointing north. Why should you visit Cap Corse, the Corsican peninsula? The reasons are several. Here you can find the four most important.


1. The beaches

In this part of the island there are some of Corsica most beautiful beaches, such as Ile-Rousse beaches: Plage de Caruchetu, Plage de Bodri and Plage de Lozari, and the list is much longer. If you look for quiet beaches where you can relax, you have found your destination.


2. The cities

On the left part and on the right part of the “finger”, there are some of the most important Corsican cities to visit: they are Bastia, Calvi and Ile-Rousse. Of these three towns, the largest is Bastia, on the coast looking towards Italy. Instead Calvi and Ile-Rousse, on the northwest coast, are more quiet, cozy and quaint.


3. On motorcycle

A destination recommended for all motorcyclists. The way is the D80, along the coast from Bastia to Saint Florent, on the other side of Corsican peninsula. The views that you will see will leave you speechless.

If your two-wheels is a bycicle, even in this case the road to travel is the D80. But beware, the road is about 110 kilometers long.


4. Kayak

For you there is no holiday without sea (or rivers) and paddle? Well, you are in the right place: the “finger of Corsica” is one of the most exciting kayak excursion in Corsica.


Are these four reasons enough to visit the Corsican peninsula? Now that the “finger of Corsica” is in your holiday itinerary, there is only one thing left to do: book a ferry ticket to Corsica.


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