Holiday with stop in Corte, in Corsica: the 5 things to see

Holiday in Corte

It is considered (and rightly so, as you can see from the picture above) one of the most beautiful villages that you can visit in Corsica. And it will also be one of the stops on your next vacation on the island of beauty. At Corte, the most important things to see are these five.

  1. Citadel. Surely the most suggestive part of Corte, indeed, it’s the symbol of the entire town. The citadel is composed of a series of fortifications built on a sort of promontory overlooking the old city. Also in the citadel is the castle of Corte, one of the most beautiful castles of Corsica.
  2. Regional Museum of Anthropology of Corsica. Set up in the citadel’s fortifications, this museum offers a spectacular insight into the traditions of Corsica: customs, clothes, tools, documents and photos will allow you to take a journey back in time.
  3. Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation. It’s the most important religious building in the city. Built in the fifteenth century, located in the old city, declared a historical monument, inside are kept as many priceless works as a painting of the Holy Family, a large organ, a painting of San Teofilo da Corte.
  4. Statue of Pasquale Paoli. The Father of the Fatherland, one of the greatest exponents of Corsican nationalism: the city of Corte has paid him a dutiful tribute with a statue that represents him. Moreover, here Paoli founded a university (where he taught in Italian), and always here, in 1793, formally declared the separation of Corsica from France.
  5. Lake of Melo. Finally, an idea for a little excursion to do during the holiday. About ten kilometers from Corte lies the lake of Melo, a lake of glacial origin whose shape is almost perfectly circular and surrounded by rugged mountains.

Now, to visit Corte, there is only one thing left to do: book the ferry trip to Corsica in time.


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