Curiosities of France: 5 things about Corsica, the island of beauty

curiosities of France: Corsica

Let’s say it: Corsica is one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean Sea. Who has visited it will confirm. And even those who can be considered habitué of the island of beauty, probably, does not know these 5 curiosities.

  1. The first curiosity is the flag. Hoping not to offend anyone, have you ever noticed that the flag of Corsica and the flag of Sardinia resemble each other? The reason, maybe, is the same legend: both of them refer to the victory of Alcoraz in 1096 and the Spanish Reconquista against Moors.
  2. Cows on the beach. You cannot see this in other European countries: cows strolling quietly on the beach, between parasols and bathers. They are the “guest stars” of some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica such as Rondinara.
  3. We speak Corsican language. The inhabitants of Corsica are very proud of their language. It is a Romance language that derives from the medieval Tuscan language. Today, about 100 thousand people all over Corsica speak Corsican language.
  4. Those deceptive distances. In Corsica, every place seems to be near. But the truth is very different. The roads of Corsica are perfect and very, very well-maintained. But are quite twisty. Be careful when you drive. And don’t go fast.
  5. From cows to turtles. The last of these 5 Corsican curiosities is (again) about the fauna. Near Ajaccio there is A Cupulatta, a center for protection and reproduction of turtles: it houses more than 150 species and more than 3 thousand turtles.


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