Cycling in Corsica is your desire? These are the 5 best bike tours

cycling in Corsica

The racing bike is the protagonist of your vacations, always. And cycling in Corsica is the main reason for which you have chosen, this year, the island of beauty. So, you will have the opportunity to discover, on your beloved bike, why the nickname of this destination is the island of beauty.

The best bike tours in Corsica are five. The first and the second are quite easy. The third, the fourth and the fifth are quite challenging.


1. Bastia – Ogliastro

Starting from Bastia, on the northwest coast of Corsica, you will go biking first along the coast and then through the so-called finger of Corsica, the Corsican peninsula. Passing near villages by the sea, ancient monasteries and old mills, you will arrive in Ogliastro.

Itinerary length: about 40-70 kilometres.


2. Ogliastro – Gulf of Saint-Florent

The ancient Genoese towers on one side and some of the most beautiful beaches of northern Corsica on the other side will accompany you along this itinerary. You will see small villages such as Patrimonio with its vineyards and Nonza built on a cliff.

Itinerary length: about 40 kilometres.


3. Porto Vecchio – Propriano

The real difficulty of this bike tour is the length. There aren’t steep climbs and you can admire the coast, the sea and the small villages.

Itinerary length: about 120 kilometres.


4. Porto Vecchio – Propriano

This bike tour is divided into two parts: from Porto Vecchio to Bonifacio and from Bonifacio to Propriano.

  • During the first part, you will be always on busy roads, especially in Summer: be careful.
  • During the second part, you can see one of the most beautiful parts along the southern coast of Corsica.

Itinerary length: about 90 kilometres.


5. Propriano – Ajaccio

The last of these five bike tours is along the west coast of Corsica. The short length of the itinerary is a sort of “trick”, because there are several climbs, such as Bocca di Cilaccia and Col Saint Georges.

Itinerary length: about 75 kilometres.


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