The best dog friendly beaches of Corsica

dog friendly beaches CorsicaYou would never go on holiday without your favorite (and beloved) four-legged friend. But you know that it wouldn’t be accepted on every beach. It’s a bad dilemma. A dilemma with an easy solution, and its name is Corsica. An island where dogs are welcome, always.


An island for dogs

In Corsica you won’t have any problem to go to the beach with your dog. And you’ll be in good company. But don’t forget the rules to follow to bring the dog to the beach:

  • You must be equipped to pick up dog poop
  • You must have leash and/or muzzle
  • Your dog must not disturb other bathers
  • Before you take your dog to the beach, check up if there is a sign that prohibits access to the dogs


What are the best Corsican beaches for dogs?

  • South Corsica beaches. Along the south coast there are some of the most beautiful beaches of the whole island, such as Palombaggia and Rondinara. Dogs are allowed in almost all southern beaches of Corsica.
  • North Corsica beaches. The best beaches are near Ile-Rousse.
  • Bastia and Ajaccio. Two of the largest and most important city of Corsica. No wonder the beaches of Bastia and the beaches of Ajaccio are dog friendly.


Now you can find the Corsica dog friendly beaches more suitable for you and for your four-legs friend.


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