Dog beaches in Corsica: paradise even for 4-legged friends

Corsica beaches for dogs

Going on vacation without your trusted (and beloved) four-legged friend? Ever and never. For you, any destination must rightly be dog friendly. Well, there is an island that is ready to welcome both you and your friend. Also at the sea. For this, you need to know what are the beaches for dogs in Corsica.


An island suitable for dogs

In Corsica you will not have any problem going down to the beach with your dog. And you will end up in good company. Without forgetting the normal rules to follow to bring the dog to the beach:

  • Always carry scoop and bag with you to collect dog needs, leash and / or muzzle.
  • Your dog is welcome but make sure that it does not disturb other swimmers.
  • Before taking it to the beach, check if there is a sign prohibiting access to the dogs.

A recommendation: always inquire at the competent offices of the arrondissement where the destination of your trip is located.



Some of Corsica’s best beaches for dogs are:

  • Marina di Pietracorbara beach (Pietracorbara);
  • Marina di Borgo beach and Lido della Marana beach (Borgo);
  • Villaggio Beach, Cala del Porto and Ricciniccia beach (Galeria);
  • Olzo Beach (Saint-Florent);
  • San Damiano beach and Aregno beach (Algajola);
  • Riva Bella beach (Linguizzetta);
  • Padulone beach and Mare e Stagnu beach (Aléria);
  • Travo Beach (Ventiseri);
  • Alistro Nord beach, San Giuliano beach and Alistro beach (San-Giuliano);
  • Marana beach and Pineto beach – Mariana (Lucciana);
  • Padulone beach and Prunete beach (Cervione);
  • Marina di Sorbio beach (Sorbo-Ocagnano);
  • Scaffa Rossa beach, Funtanaccia beach, Chiola beach and Marina di Solaro beach (Solaro);
  • Marina d’Oru beach, Erba Rossa beach, Vignale beach and Pinia (Ghisonaccia) beach;
  • Tamarone Beach (Macinaggio).


…and areas

If you don’t want to “settle” for a single beach, you can choose one of these areas of the island:

  • Beaches of southern Corsica. Along the south coast there are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, such as Palombaggia and Rondinara. In almost all the southern beaches of Corsica dogs are allowed.
  • Beaches of northern Corsica. The best ones are located near Ile-Rousse. Also in this case there will not be any problem for your four-legged friend.
  • Bastia and Ajaccio. Two of the largest and most important cities in Corsica. It’s no wonder they are also dog friendly. Dogs can easily access the beaches of Bastia and the beaches of Ajaccio.


Animals on ferries

Pets can go on ferries to Corsica. The main shipping companies are Corsica Ferries and Moby. To travel with your dog, you only have to respect the simple conditions required by these two companies.


Book the trip

Now that you have all the information you need, you just have one thing to do, to organize your holiday: book a place, for you and for your dog, on one of the ferries to Corsica.


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