Journey along the east coast of Corsica: from Castagniccia to Ghisoni

East coast of CorsicaFrom Castagniccia to Ghisoni. Passing through forests, rivers, springs, waterfalls. And small and picturesque towns, that seem to be immortal. This is the east coast of Corsica.



A natural region that is located in the northeast of Corsica. The highest point is Mount San Petrone. Castagniccia is a place for fans of trekking and hiking, with a lot of paths that wind through forests, rivers and natural springs. The endless sandy beaches are ideal for relaxing. And this is the right area to sample the typical Corsican dishes.



The Pond of Urbino and the Pond of Diana are both located on the coast, not far from the famous sandy beaches of this side of Corsica. In addition to their great natural value, in these ponds oysters are cultivated since Roman times. Furthermore, over one hundred species of birds and turtles inhabit the reserve of Casabianda.


Ania di Fiumorbu

This area is famous for its numerous caves which are worth being explored. You can visit one of them during a trip along the east coast of Corsica. It is the so called “grotta dell’ultimo bandito d’onore”.


Cascata di San Gavino

It is located in San Gavino di Fiumorbo. The town, a small village at the top of a hill, shows alleys and narrow streets that seem to be out of time. Nearby there is the homonymous waterfall, one hundred meters high.



Ghisoni (one of the ski resorts of Corsica) is a lovely town of the sixteenth century, and still retains an ancient charm and atmosphere. Nearby there is a lush pine forest, one of the most attractive forests in Europe. Ghisoni is also the starting point of the tours that reach the top of Mount Renoso, 2.352 meters high. Another sight not to be missed is that of Ovili dei Pozzi (springs sheep folds): peat bogs which color with blue the green moss.


Have you created your itinerary to visit the east coast of Corsica? Then, once booked the ferry you can leave for your vacation.


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