The 7 most beautiful beaches of Corsica east coast: 7 dreamy places

east Corsica beaches


The east coast, the most pristine, will be the destination of your next holiday. You want to spend a very, very relaxing holiday. Now, you need to know which are the most beautiful beaches of eastern Corsica. And discover one of the lesser-known sides of the island of beauty.


The east coast

Long stretches of white sand: this is the east coast of Corsica. The water is shallow for several meters. The beaches have several services available and are near small and picturesque villages. The best conditions if you want to spend a relaxing holiday or a holiday with family.

We can say that the east coast of Corsica is a long, long line of white sandy beaches. With only four exceptions: ètang d’Urbino, ètang del Salé, ètang de Diane and ètang de Palo, four ponds near Aleria that are good ideas for pleasant excursions.


The 7 most beautiful beaches:

From north to south, these are the most beautiful beaches that you can see along Corsica east coast:

  • Plage de la Marana
  • Lavilanella
  • Moriani-Plage
  • A Chiosura
  • Scaffa Rossa
  • Plage de Cannella
  • Pinarellu


How to get there

It’s quite easy to reach the most beautiful beaches of Corsica east coast: from Bonifacio (south) and from Bastia (north), you just have to drive the N198 and follow the road signs to the villages near the homonymous beaches.


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