Easter 2016 in Corsica: devotion and tradition of granitola in Calvi

  • Published: 9-03-2016
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Easter in Corsica: Granitola 2016

During Easter in Corsica, it is one of the most characteristic religious processions. It takes place in several cities and villages on the island in beauty. But it is in Calvi that granitola becomes a very, very special moment of the year.


The procession

Granitola takes place on Good Friday (March 25). The procession starts at 9:30pm, when the penitents leave from the cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Penitents are accompanied by members of the brotherhoods of Saint-Érasme and Saint-Antoine: they carry, respectively, the statue of Christ allongé and the statue of the Vierge des Douleurs.


The chants

From the cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the procession reaches the church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure, in the lower part of the city. All the way, penitents and brothers sing the traditional chants that echo through the streets of Calvi: Atto di Contrizione, A Notre-Dame des Douleurs, Complainte à la Vierge, Passione, Implorations à la Vierge des Douleurs, Psaume de la Pénitence, A la Gloire de Marie.


La Cerca (“the quest”)

The granitola is the final part of a long procession: it is la Cerca (literally, “the quest”), which begins at 9am; the members of the brotherhood of Saint-Antoine, dressed in grey caps, carry the statues of Christ allongé and of Vierge des Douleurs.


The most beautiful moment

It is when the people of Calvi, to accompany the procession, put lighted candles on the sills of their windows.


U catenacciu

During granitola in Calvi, a hooded man carries the cross. And a hooded man is the protagonist of another important religious procession in Cosica: u catenacciu.


Image source: Par Pierre Bona — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 3.0

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