Easter 2017 in Corsica: there are (at least) 3 good reasons to plan a holiday

Easter 2017 in Corsica


An Italian proverb says: “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” (literally, “Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want”). And, in fact, during Easter 2017, you have decided to spend a holiday. A holiday to visit Corsica, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands.

To plan this holiday, there are, at least, three good reasons.


1. Traditions

Usually, the name “Corsica” evokes enchanting sceneries with blue sea and unspoiled nature. But this is also a very, very ancient land. Enriched by different and old traditions. Some of the most important take place during Easter.

In particular, to experience some of the most fascinating Easter traditions of Corsica, you have to visit these three places:

  • Sartène: u catenacciu.
  • Cargèse: the Holy Week.
  • Bastia: la Granitula.

You will, literally, discover a world where the sacred meets the profane.


2. Villages to visit

Pleasant temperatures, no crowd of tourists, the colours and scents of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub, beautiful landscapes: in other words, Corsica in spring has a very special and unique charm.

Can you imagine better conditions to visit those which are considered the seven most beautiful villages in Corsica? We are talking about:

  • Ghisoni;
  • Propriano;
  • Sartène;
  • Castagniccia;
  • Porto;
  • Piana;
  • Cargèse.

Some are located in pristine mountain scenery, others overlook wonderful sea views. All, without exception, deserve to be visited.


3. Trekking

These conditions are ideal even for trekking. If you’re hikers and the trekking shoes are the first things that you put in your luggage, the mountains of Corsica are there, waiting for you:

  • Monte Grosso;
  • Monte Cinto;
  • Monte d’Oro;
  • Paglia Orba;
  • Monte Renoso;
  • Monte Rotondo.


Have you chosen your preferred idea to spend Easter in 2017 on the island of beauty? Now, you just have one thing to do: book a ferry to Corsica.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/jeanbaptistem

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