Easter in Corsica: the places where you can live 3 suggestive traditions

Corsica Easter traditions


All the charm of Corsica right during the Easter. Are you thinking about a vacation in this period? Blue sea, enchanted bays, high altitude trails await you in this fortress of Mediterranean. If you want to spend the Easter holidays in a place far from Italy, but not too much, then, the land of Napoleon will welcome you with a huge range of rituals and traditions, between the sacred and profane. Let’s find out where to live 3 evocative traditions of Easter.

  1. In Sartène – You can see an ancient religious tradition dating back to the thirteenth century, that’s u catenacciu. A man brings the chains, it is a ritual that symbolized the ordeal of Christ and it takes place on Good Friday evening. The atmosphere is more suggestive. And even the candles on the windows make this mood very suggestive. After dark, the church doors open and the procession begins. A wooden cross, weighing 37 kg, is transported over a distance of 2 km, a penitent with a ski mask and foot shackles. This man will fall three times, just as Jesus did , during his journey.
  2. In Cargèse – In this ancient Greek colony of Corsica, awaits you an equally attractive program. Good Friday songs and chants in a dark church, also the preparation of the prayer places, in fact, accompany the state of a contrite and repentant heart. Holy Saturday people awaits the return to the light, with the rite of the Easter candles at midnight. The typical songs of the Orthodox rite, then, emphasize the mystical aspect of the moment. On Easter Monday, the liturgical traditions culminate with the holy procession of Cargèse that is exposed in the four cardinal points. The special feature of this ritual is the joint participation of two brotherhoods, San Antonio and San Spiridion, which are, respectively, Catholic and Orthodox.
  3. In Bastia – Around here the Granitula awaits you, this is a typical Easter procession which has a spiral pattern. The penitents, in fact, start in the early morning, and go on from village to village, singing and chanting the passage from one church to another. A peculiar characteristic of this fascinating ritual is to proceed so that the procession rolls up the same.

These are very unusual traditions, and Easter is the best opportunity to land in Corsica. What are you waiting for? Book your ferry in time and you discover this fascinating island.

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