Undecided between the east coast and the west coast of Corsica? Here’s how to choose

Eastern or western Corsica

East coast or west coast? For your next holiday in Corsica, this is the doubt that grips you. A doubt that we can help you solve. Also because each of the two parts of the coast is recommended for a different type of holiday.


East coast

The east coast of Corsica, which has a very homogeneous profile, is recommended especially for those who want to spend a holiday dedicated to discovering the beauty of nature: there are practically immaculate sandy beaches, real nature shows, highlands that reach the coast and ponds that represent the natural habitat for many animal species.

Recommended city: Bastia. Bastia, in a sense, is halfway between the north coast and the east coast. From here, you can easily reach, moving in a southerly direction, all the most beautiful places to see.


West Coast

On the west coast of Corsica, you will experience a more complete holiday. In this part, in fact, there are archaeological sites, large natural reserves, small villages overlooking the sea or perched on the mountains, museums, and different opportunities to enjoy some healthy fun (especially around Ajaccio).

Recommended city: Ajaccio. To visit the west coast of Corsica, the best way is to start from Ajaccio and from here, usually in the day, get to the various places to visit. Ajaccio, by the way, is also a city rich in history and culture, with several beautiful beaches that are easy to reach.


Whatever your choice…

…the first thing to do to organize the holiday is always the same: book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica, with destination one of the two cities that we have indicated for the east coast and the west coast. One last tip: to get the most out of this journey, it is best to take a car on the ferry.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/terretta

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