Nature jewels that rise from Ajaccio sea: excursion to Sanguinaires Islands

Sanguinaires Islands excursionA car carried on the ferryboat to Corsica, the bus, or book a boat trip. In all these three cases, you can admire and visit four natural jewels that rise from the sea of Ajaccio. These are Sanguinaires Islands, and an excursion to this small archipelago is an experience that you cannot miss.

The color – The name of the archipelago comes from the red porphyry of which the islands are made. The best moment to see them from the coast is sunset, when the islands have the vermilion color of the sun that goes beyond the horizon. It’s hard to find a more charming and romantic panorama.

The sunset – The starting point is the city of Ajaccio: take the D111 road towards west, along the coast. You pass near small inlets and famous beaches, always very crowded during summer. The road ends at Punta della Parata, a promontory with the Genovese Tower. From here you can admire Sanguinaires Islands rising from the sea.

Boast excursions – From the port of Ajaccio and, in general, from the ports of neighboring villages, several boat trips to Sanguinaires Islands depart: this is the best way to see Mezzu Mare, Cormorani, Cala d’Alga and Porri. Almost all excursions make one or more stops in the coves and beaches of this archipelago.


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