Between nature and culture: the best 5 excursions during a holiday in Corsica

excursions in Corsica

Sports, relaxation, culture, traditions, and beaches: Corsica offers several possibilities to plan your trip. Whatever type of holiday you have chosen, there are, at least, five excursions that you should consider. And, this way, you will discover the best that the island of beauty can give.


1. Sanguinaires Island

They lie just off the coast of Ajaccio. The origin of the name is the vermilion that paints these small islands at sunset. A lighthouse stands on the summit of the largest islet. Every day, several boat trips depart from the port of Ajaccio and brig visitors to Sanguinaires Islands


2. Scandola

It is one of the most beautiful places in Corsica. The Réserve naturelle de Scandola, World Heritage UNESCO, is a marine and terrestrial reserve: Scandola is a rocky peninsula with sheer cliffs overlooking a beautiful sea. Calvi, Porto, Cargèse, Sagone and Ajaccio are the main cities from which you can visit Scandola by boat trip.


3. Filitosa

It is known by a very peculiar nickname: the Stonehenge of Corsica. Discovered in 1946, the story of Filitosa archaeological site dates back to about 8 thousand years ago, when the first menhirs were erected, surrounded by vegetation. Filitosa is in the territory of the town of Sollacaro, near Propriano and not far from Bonifacio.


4. Agriates

The desert of Agriates is a place that you never expect to see on an island like Corsica: it is a wild area, made of Mediterranean vegetation and low hills that reach small and almost unknown pristine bays. The désert des Agriates is located along the northern coast of Corsica, between Ile Rousse and Saint-Florent.


5. Corte

In the heart of Corsica, near the railway and the road that connect Ajaccio and Bonifacio, an excursion to Corte is the fifth idea for this holiday on the island of beauty: the castle and the old citadel were built on a rocky outcrop surrounded by mountains.


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