Tickets for the ferries to Corsica, how to save money: here you have 3 great tips

ferry to Corsica tickets how to save money

Enjoy a holiday on this beautiful island and plan a cheap journey: in other words, you want to know how to save money when buying tickets for the ferries to Corsica. In this regard, there are three tips that can solve this problem.


To save money:

  • Compare prices and times. You can do this by using our online booking form. On the first page, you have to specify outward route and/or return route, departure date and return date, number and age of passengers, if you want to board a vehicle (such as a car, motorbike or camper). Once you’ve clicked on “Search and Compare”, in the next screen the system will give you all the prices of the various companies on the selected date. In this way, and online, you can compare prices and book your ticket at the cheapest price.
  • Book in advance. Periodically, the various shipping companies that guarantee the connection between Italy and Corsica make available various different offers. Which, therefore, tend to be purchased in a short time. The advice we can give you is to book in advance.
  • Choose the ferry deck seat. On a ferry, there are different types of accommodation among which you can choose, such as cabin or armchair. The most economical solution is the deck seat: in this case, you’ll spend the whole journey on the outer deck of the ship.


Ideas for your holiday in Corsica

Booked the journey by ferry, the time has come to plan the holiday in Corsica: what to do once you arrive at your destination?

Well, we can suggest two itineraries that will give you a much more precise idea of the reasons why Corsica is called “the island of beauty”:

And now, all that remains is to wish you a good holiday.


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