Festi lumi 2017: enchanting lights illuminate the citadel of Bonifacio

  • Published: 23-06-2017
  • Category: Events

Festi lumi 2017

Probably, this is the most beautiful spectacle that the island of beauty can offer to all its visitors. The spectacle of an ancient citadel illuminated by enchanting lights. This is Festi lumi 2017, which will take place in Bonifacio in the three days from July 7th to 9th.


The walks

The starting point is Place Saint Erasme. The arrival point is the church of Saint Dominique, in the upper part of the city. In the middle, there is a walk that is tinged with history, art, culture and magic. The walk will reveal, to all the participants, ten great monuments that, for the occasion, will be presented “in a special dress”.

The name Festi lumi means, literally, “festival of lights”. The walks will take place in the evening and the monuments will be illuminated by breathtaking lights and colors. A spectacle not to be missed.



The walks will take place in the three days of the event. Waiting the evening, you could:


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of Festi lumi in Bonifacio (complete program, tickets, any changes), you can visit the official website of the event, Bonifacio.fr.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/bonajf

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