Corsica, 2016 edition of Festivoce: all the beauty of Mediterranean music

  • Published: 25-05-2016
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Festivoce 2016

Music. Contaminations. Culture. Traditions. These are the elements for which Festivoce is now a very famous and awaited event. And these will be the elements of the 2016 edition, which will take place from July 10th to 13th.


The festival

The music, the songs and the sounds of Corsica (such as the famous Corsican polyphonic songs or the traditional songs) will be the protagonists of the 2016 edition. For a four-day event that will offer brass bands, improvisation, a cappella songs and concerts in the squares.

The four days of the event:

  • July 10th: Corbara
  • July 11th: Pigna
  • July 12th: Pigna
  • July 13th: Pigna


How to get there

Ile-Rousse is the main port near Pigna and Corbara.

  • To get to Pigna, take the D151 road towards south and follow the road signs to Pigna. The journey by car takes about twenty minutes.
  • To get to Corbara, take the D151 road and follow the road signs to Corbara. The journey by car takes about fifteen minutes.


Not only music

Since Ile-Rousse is near, Festivoce 2016 could be a great occasion to spend a pleasant holiday exploring the northern part of the island of beauty:

  • Algajola, Plage de Lozari and Plage de Bodri are just some of the north Corsica beaches.
  • Driving towards east, you can discover the desert of Agriates: Mediterranean scrub, tall shrubs and rocky outcrops draw a wild and unspoiled place.
  • Just 30 minutes by car along the N197 and you will be in Calvi: its citadel, built on a promontory surrounded by the sea, is simply spectacular.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Festivoce (complete program, tickets), you can visit the official website of the event,


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