Festivoce 2018: the voice is protagonist from 10 to 14 July

  • Published: 6-07-2018
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Festivoce 2018

Are you spending a holiday in early July in Corsica (lucky you! The island of beauty in this period is really beautiful) or are you about to leave? And are you really passionate about music? So let us suggest an event that you really do not have to miss: we are talking about the 2018 edition of Festivoce, which will be held from 10 to 14 July 2018.


The voice…

…in all its forms, in all its expressions, in all the infinity of songs that it can sing, will be the protagonist of this event. In recent years, Festivoce has grown more and more, to involve not only Corsican artists but also international ones. Proof of this is the fact that, alongside the official program, there will also be other concerts and performances in the streets, in the baroque churches, in the chapels and in the squares.


The Balagne

The fulcrum of Festivoce 2018 will be the auditorium of Pigna but the event will be much more. Because Festivoce could be considered as a sort of traveling appointment, which will touch many of the ancient and picturesque villages that make the Balagne special. The Balagne is a historic region located in the north of the island. Where you can discover the wildest part of the island of beauty, as evidenced by its beautiful beaches and the presence of unique places, such as the desert of the Agriates. Without forgetting the most important inhabited center of the area, that is Calvi.


How to get

Calvi, as we said, is the main town in the area. First of all, you have to book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica that arrive up to Calvi. From here, to get to Pigna you have to:

  • Take the T30 up to Lumio;
  • From Lumio, take the D71 up to Cateri;
  • From Cateri, take the D151 up to Pigna.

The journey by car takes about half an hour.


More information

For more information on the 2018 edition of Festivoce (complete list of artists who will perform, complete program with all the locations where concerts will be held, how to participate, eventual changes of dates), you can consult the updated official website of the event, Centreculturelvoce.org.

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