The flag of Corsica: the story of the Moor’s Head

flag of CorsicaA white background with the head of a moor. The head is in black, and wears a white bandana above his eyes. This is the famous Moor’s Head, the flag of Corsica. An ancient symbol.


Meaning and story

The flag of Corsica is a symbol of freedom. Its origin, such as the origin of the flag of Sardinia, is the battle of Alcoraz in 1096, during which King Peter I of Aragon defeated Moors during Spanish Reconquista. According to another version, the blindfolded moor refers to the Egyptian Saint Maurizio.

Whatever the origin of the flag is, the Moor’s Head was adopted by General of the Nation Pasquale di Paoli in 1755. This was also the flag of the ill-fated Corsican Republic. For many years the Moor’s Head fell in disuse. From 1980 it is the official flag of Corsica.


And the flag of Sardinia?

Most of you have surely noticed that the Moor’s Head on the flag of Corsica is the same one on the flag of Sardinia. The reason is this: the flag of Corsica is strictly related to the flag of Sardinia. In fact quattro mori (Four Moors) was the flag of Regnum Sardiniae et Corsicae.


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