From where ferries depart for Corsica: the main ports

From where ferries depart for Corsica

You have chosen the island of beauty as the destination of your next vacation. Informing you, therefore, on how to get to Corsica, you have discovered that the best way is the ferry. So now you need to know: where do ferries depart for Corsica?


The main ports

The main ports from which ferries depart for Corsica are:

  • From this city the ferries that take visitors to the city of Bastia, on the northern coast of the island, depart.
  • Golfo Aranci. Golfo Aranci is the port connected with Porto Vecchio, on the southern coast of the island.
  • Also this city is connected with Bastia.
  • Bastia and Porto Vecchio are the cities of Corsica that can be reached by ferry from Piombino.
  • Porto Torres. From here you get to Ajaccio and Porto Vecchio.
  • Bastia can be reached by ferry from Portoferraio.
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura. From Santa Teresa di Gallura, in a short time, you get to Bonifacio, a city overlooking the homonymous white cliffs.
  • By ferry from Savona you can reach the three main cities of the northern coast of Corsica, namely Calvi, Bastia and Ile Rousse.


Duration of the trip

How long is the ferry trip to Corsica? It depends on the port of departure and the port of arrival that you have chosen for the crossing. In principle, to make the idea, we can tell you that the ferry trip to Corsica can last from a minimum of fifty minutes (Santa Teresa di Gallura-Bonifacio) to a maximum of seven hours (Savona-Ile Rousse).

Not surprisingly, many decide to travel at night, so to be sure not to miss even one day of the holiday. To sleep on the ferries to Corsica, we advise you to book a cabin, so you can spend the whole night journey resting on a comfortable bed.



Now you just have one last information to have: how to book ferries to Corsica. You simply need to use our online booking system, which you can find on the left. Once all the required fields have been filled in, the tickets will be sent directly by e-mail. In addition, you can compare the prices offered by the various companies and always book tickets at the most convenient cost.

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