Girolata: idea for an excursion during a holiday in Corsica

Girolata Corsica

You will visit one of the most beautiful places of Corsica. And, at the same time, you will make a nice (but long, better to be prepared) hike along the northwest coast of the island. An occasion and the pleasure to admire a unique place: the Gulf of Girolata.


Scandola Nature Reserve

Gulf of Girolata is here, in this nature reserve, maybe the most precious natural jewel of the island. Girolata is a small and almost isolated village, it seems far away from modernity, overlooking one of the wildest areas of Corsica, made of mountains that reach the sea, of the sound of the waves, of Mediterranean scrub scents.


How to get there

Basically, there are no roads that lead up to Girolata. In fact, there are only to ways to reach this village:

  • a boat excursion from town of Porto
  • a path called “Mari e Monti” (“sea and mountains”) that starts from D81 road

The second way is the beast to reach Girolata. Consider that this round trip walk will take about three hours.


What to eat

Once you are in Girolata, you can have lunch in one of the several restaurants of the village, where you can taste Corsica traditional dishes.


Where to stay

Once you are in Girolata, you can decide to spend one or more days here. Near Girolata there are several hotels and campgrounds.


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