Gouvernail de la Corse: charm and entertainment of this “rudder of Corsica”

gouvernail de la Corse


It was called gouvernail de la Corse. It means “rudder of Corsica”. The reason is its particular shape, because it looks like a rudder that drives the Corsica. And this is a sort of beautiful ship that is sailing the Mediterranean sea.

  • Where. Start from the centre of the square which is located not far from the cemetery of Bonifacio. Here, there is the entrance to some ancient tunnels that were also used as a bomb shelter. The entrance to these galleries has a minimal cost. And you will admire one of the most spectacular places of Bonifacio and probably of the whole Corsica.
  • How. The tunnels are long and very interesting. Inside, there are several finds dating back to World War II. At the end of the tunnels, it begins a long staircase, steep enough but not prohibitive. At the end of the staircase, it unravels the show that we have anticipated: there is an opening in the white cliff that will allow you to have a look on a glimpse of the sea.
  • Excursions. While you’re there, after seeing the gouvernail de la Corse, you have to know that the sea around Bonifacio still has many surprises to offer. In particular, there are two caves to visit: we are talking about the cave of Sdragonato and the cave of Saint Antoine. Every day, from the port of  Bonifacio depart several boat trips that will take you to visit these caves.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/alsto

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