The GR 20 of the Corsica: 5 things you should know to live an unique experience

GR 20 Corsica


Sentier de grande randonnée 20 is the full name. Better known simply as GR 20. A hiking trail that crosses the Corsica, from northwest to southeast. You can cross it on foot in about 15 days (one stage per day), but it’s for real trekkers.

And there are five things you should know to try this authentic challenge.


1. The north part: stages and travel times

  1. Calenzana – Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu: 10,9 kilometres, 6:30 hours (travel time).
  2. Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu – Refuge de Carrozzu: 6,1 kilometres, 7 hours (travel time).
  3. Refuge de Carrozzu – Refuge d’Asco Stagnu: 4,1 kilometres, 6:10 hours (travel time).
  4. Refuge d’Asco Stagnu – Refuge de Tighjettu: 5,8 kilometres, 6 hours (travel time).
  5. Refuge de Tighjettu – Refuge de Ciottulu di i Mori: 7,8 kilometres, 4 hours (travel time).
  6. Refuge de Ciottulu di i Mori – Refuge de Manganu: 22,7 kilometres, 8 hours (travel time).
  7. Refuge de Manganu – Refuge de Pietra Piana: 8,5 kilometres, 6:30 hours (travel time).
  8. Refuge de Pietra Piana – Refuge de l’Onda: 8,9 kilometres, 4:30 hours (travel time).
  9. Refuge de l’Onda – Vizzavona: 10 kilometres, 6 hours (travel time).


2. The south part: stages and travel times

  1. Vizzavona – Bergeries de Capannelle: 15 kilometres, 5:15 hours (travel time).
  2. Bergeries de Capannelle – Refuge de Prati: 16,6 kilometres, 6:10 hours (travel time).
  3. Refuge de Prati – Refuge d’Usciolu: 10,7 kilometres, 6:30 hours (travel time).
  4. Refuge d’Usciolu – Refuge d’Asinao: 15 kilometres, 8:40 hours (travel time).
  5. Refuge d’Asinao – Refuge de Paliri: 9 kilometres, 7 hours (travel time).
  6. Refuge de Paliri – Conca: 12,4 kilometres, 5 hours (travel time).


3. Shelters

Many stages start and end with the shelters, in the mountain, usually. On average, these shelters have a capacity that varies from 15 to 30 beds.

At the end of June and the early September are the two best times to try the GR 20: all shelters are open, it’s not too hot and there are not many walkers as in July and in August. It is not recommended to do the GR 20 in winter.


4. Difficulties

For the length and the characteristics of some stages (at high altitude and challenging climbs), the GR 20 is a very difficult path, suitable, more than anything else, to very experienced hikers.


5. How to get

Calenzana, the starting point of the GR 20, is located near Calvi, one of main harbours where there are the ferries to Corsica: to get there, you just have to take the T30 and D151 following signs to Calenzana; the journey by car takes about twenty minutes.


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