Spend Halloween 2017 in Corsica: 3 itineraries full of suggestions

Halloween 2017 in Corsica

Halloween is one of the most anticipated autumn events and 2017 will certainly not be an exception. Are you looking for a good idea to enjoy a last minute trip? We recommend Corsica, and three itineraries full of suggestions.


1. Castles

Ancient, imposing, cloaked by that aura of mystery that makes them just perfect for Halloween: we are of course talking about castles. These in Corsica, the ancient land, are certainly not lacking. In particular, the most beautiful of the whole island can be considered these three:

  • Castle of Algajola;
  • The Castle of the Citadel of Court;
  • The Fort of Matra.

Climbed on rocky spurs or overlooking a lovely sea, visiting these castles will create the right atmosphere. And then, who knows, maybe you could even see some ghosts coming around …


2. Legends

The Saint Lucia eye, the flag of Moro, Saint Devota and Seneca are four of the most famous legends of Corsica. Each of them is linked to a particular place, such as a beach, a temple, a small church. Why not take advantage of this little vacation and go back to places where history and legend meet up?


3. Helm

The third itinerary we suggest is the most particular. Because it begins by visiting the citadel of Bonifacio, with its narrow streets and squares, through which you will, at times, seem to make an authentic journey back in time. Continue admiring from the spectacular Bonifacio Bouches. And ends at the Gouvernail de la Corse.

The so-called “rudder of Corsica“. A gallery and a long staircase lead to an opening in the cliff from which you can see an unparalleled panorama of the sea.

These three ideas will allow you to spend a very special Halloween and at the same time visit one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands. And now, there’s only one thing to do: book a ticket for one of the ferries to Corsica.


Image Source: Flickr.com/photos/36389209@N04

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